The DinoEgg_AI-Bot Utility

The DinoEgg_AI-Bot is a revolutionary utility that helps users stay informed and up to date on the latest hype, volume, and token trends. The bot tracks the data from CoinMarketCap and provides insights into tokens.

Users can easily integrate the bot into their private chats, communities, lounges, or groupchats for free. By using this powerful tool, you can gain valuable knowledge about potential investments, as well as monitor their own investments in real time.

Additionally, this bot will allow tokens to advertise on the bot, create exposure for their tokens and be seen with larger tokens.

The team behind DinoEgg_AI

The #DEAI team around our joker has been dealing with the most important problems on the blockchain for a long time. The mass of new launches and recognizing whether it is a rug or not is probably one of the biggest for every sword. For every project manager who launches a new project, it is important that the customers recognize that it is a legitimate project and how he is marketing it. This is exactly where the work of #DEAI begins. Our epee bot will be the daily companion of every epee who values safety and clarity. Two versions are available, one free and one paid. The free version is used to generate passive income from advertising. Furthermore, we list the best launches that meet our standards on a weekly basis. In order to reduce monthly costs as much as possible and to open up additional sources of income, #DEAI creates its own databases and APIs. This makes our bots inexpensive, fast and economical.


Post-Launch Phase

- 700 Tg Members
- 100 Holders
- CMC & CG listing
- Renounce & 0 Tax
- Design
- Liquidity for 3 months
- First Bot Launch

Development Phase

- 1500 Telegram Members
- 300 Holders
- Building Database
- Setting up Own Servers
- APIs Rollout
- Development of Volume Bot

Rollout Phase

- Project expansion
- Website V2
- Utility V2-Volume Bot Rollout
- Rebranding design
- Merchandise drop
- Social media campaign
- First CEX listing

Tokenomics for $DinoEgg_AI

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $DinoEgg_AI (1 Billion)
  • Max wallet: 3% (30,000,000 $DinoEgg_AI)
  • Max TX: 2% (20,000,000 $DinoEgg_AI)
  • Liquidity Lock: 3 months

Zero Tax Token

  • Taxes Before Renouncement 4%
  • Zero Tax After Renouncement